160% More Promotions Under the Modi Administration: Dr. Jitendra

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually addressing the Rozgar Mela on Tuesday.

NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 26: Today, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, delivered a speech at the Rozgar Mela and sent out about 51,000 appointment letters to newly hired employees. The recruits, chosen from across the nation, will join the government in a number of Ministries/Departments, including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the Indian Audit & Accounts Department, the Department of Atomic Energy, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Higher Education, among others. There are 46 venues around the nation where the Rozgar Mela is happening.

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The Prime Minister congratulated those who had received appointment letters today in front of the group. He said that they were chosen from a pool of millions of applicants and are here because of their dedication and hard work. The Prime Minister noted the Ganesh Utsav celebrations taking place all throughout the nation and added that this is the ‘Shri Ganesh’ of a new life for those who have been appointed during this auspicious time. The Prime Minister reiterated his belief that the nation will achieve its objectives thanks to the recruits’ commitment to duty, saying “Lord Ganesh is the God of accomplishments.”

According to the prime minister, the nation is seeing historic accomplishments. He referred to the Narishakti Vandan Adhiniyam, which has given the majority of people more power. “The 30-year-old subject of women’s reservations was finally resolved by both houses with record votes. In a sense, the nation’s new beginning in the new Parliament is represented by this decision, which was made at the first session of the new Parliament, Prime Minister Modi stressed.

The prime minister noted that there were many women among the new hires and noted that the nation’s daughters are establishing names for themselves in every industry. I am quite proud of what the Narishakti have accomplished, and it is government policy to maintain creating fresh opportunities for their development, he said. The Prime Minister remarked that having women in any field has always resulted in improvements in that field.

Referring to the soaring aspirations of the New India, the Prime Minister said that the dreams of this New India are lofty. “India has taken the resolve to become Viksit Bharat by 2047”, the Prime Minister remarked. He underlined that in the next few years, the nation will become the third-largest economy in the world where the government employees will have a lot to contribute in the coming times. He emphasized that they follow the approach of ‘Citizens First. Noting that today’s recruits grew up with technology, the Prime Minister stressed making use of it in their field of work and improving the efficiency of governance.

The Prime Minister went on to elaborate on the use of technology in government by mentioning online rail reservations, the reduction of paperwork complexity by the Aadhar Card, Digilocker, eKYC, gas booking, bill payments, DBT, and Digiyatra. The Prime Minister urged the new hires to continue working in this direction by saying, “Technology has stopped corruption, improved credibility, reduced complexity, and increased comfort.”

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The government’s actions during the past nine years, according to the prime minister, have paved the path to achieve colossal objectives through a new attitude, ongoing oversight, mission-mode implementation, and widespread engagement. The Prime Minister emphasized the mission mode implementation approach of the administration, where efforts are being made to attain saturation, by citing campaigns like Swacch Bharat and Jal Jeevan Mission as examples.

Additionally, he stated that programs are continually being reviewed across the nation and cited the Prime Minister’s own use of the Pragati Platform as an illustration. He underlined that the on-the-ground implementation of government programs falls primarily on the shoulders of government employees. He pointed out that when thousands of young people join the government workforce, the pace and scope of policy implementation increase, which in turn boosts employment outside the public sector and results in the creation of new employment frameworks.

The Prime Minister noted the exceptional investment in contemporary infrastructure when discussing GDP growth, the increase in production, and exports. He discussed industries that are exhibiting a new vigor, such as renewable energy, organic farming, defense, and tourism. Results from India’s Aatmnirbhar Abhiyan are being seen in a variety of fields, including fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and mobile phones. He claimed that today’s kids had new opportunities.

The importance of Amrit Kaal’s next 25 years in the country and the lives of new recruits was emphasized by the prime minister once more. He urged them to prioritize collaboration above all else. According to the prime minister, our tradition, resolve, and hospitality were showcased during the G20. The success of numerous public and private departments is also reflected in this success. The success of the G20 was a collaborative effort by everyone. The Prime Minister added, “I am pleased that now you too are joining Team India of the government employees.

According to the DoPT Minister, the Mission Karmayogi Prarambh is now affiliated with the Rozgar Mela, which has aided in providing new hires with orientation training.
No segment of society, according to Dr. Jitendra Singh, has not benefited from the Prime Minister’s attention to employment. He added that PM Modi would personally meet and thank the masons and construction workers who built the new Parliament complex and Bharat Mandapam, the site of the G20 Summit. “Recently, PM Modi came out with the Prime Minister Vishwakarma Scheme, this is perhaps the first time since Independence any government has launched a scheme for the welfare of artisans, who have preserved through generations India’s traditional skills,” he said.

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