In the past 30 days, India’s diplomacy has reached new heights. Mr. Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the G20 University Connect Finale programme at Bharat Mandapam, in New Delhi

26 September, New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Tuesday that India’s diplomacy reached new heights in the last 30 days and that some decisions made at the G20 Summit have the potential to alter the course that the world takes in the twenty-first century.
The prime minister said he met 85 international leaders during the previous 30 days while speaking to students, faculty members, and administrators at the G20 University Connect’s closing event here.
In reference to the G20 Summit that took place in Delhi earlier this month, he remarked, “It is not a minor accomplishment to gather so many countries together on one platform in today’s polarized world context.

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He argued that for the country to continue its growth process, clean, clear, and stable governance are essential.
“I’d want to provide you an evaluation on the previous 30 days. You can then get a sense of the size and speed of New India. You must keep August 23 in mind! Everyone was in a state of prayer when all of a sudden everyone began to smile. India said in a voice audible around the globe, “India is on the Moon.”
The country now celebrates August 23 as National Space Day forever. India launched its solar mission shortly after the moon mission was a success, he continued.

The prime minister said the G20 Summit might have been reduced to a diplomatic and Delhi-centric program, but India made it a people-driven national movement. He said that India’s diplomacy had reached new heights in the previous 30 days.

The prime minister claimed that because of India’s efforts, six more nations have joined the BRICS group.
“A unanimous agreement on the Delhi declaration made headlines around the world…Some of the decisions made at the G20 Summit have the power to alter the course of the twenty-first century.Getting so many nations together on one platform is no minor feat in the polarized international environment of today, he said.

The prime minister mentioned various efforts that were done to empower the poor, SCs, STs, OBCs, and the middle class when listing the accomplishments of his government over the previous 30 days.
“The PM Vishwakarma Yojana for artisans was started by the government. Through the “Rozgar Mela,” more than a lakh young people have received jobs from the central government in the past 30 days. The country was proud of itself because the women’s reservation bill was the first to be passed in the new Parliament building, he said.
Since youth involvement in any event ensures its success, Modi claimed he is not shocked by the G20 Summit’s performance. “Youths advance only when there are possibilities, optimism, and openness. My advice to young people is to “Think.”

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