Indian Army Chief Highlights Peaceful Resolution of Disputes in the Indo-Pacific

26 Sep in New Delhi: In light of growing international worries about China’s assertive military posture in the region, Chief of Army Staff Gen. Manoj Pande said on Tuesday that India’s view for the Indo-Pacific places a strong focus on respect for each country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Gen. Pande further stated that India’s commitment to actively engaging all players in the region has been unwavering and enduring in a speech to a gathering of army chiefs from Indo-Pacific countries.
According to him, the Indo-Pacific region should focus on peaceful conflict resolution, refraining from the use of force, and upholding international law.

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The Army chief continued, “Yet we are witnessing manifestations of interstate contestations and competitions, even as efforts by countries are converging towards a free Indo-Pacific.
The Army commander also stated that “challenges we face transcend across borders and our response to them must factor in this”.
Gen. Pande stressed the significance of the Indo-Pacific, saying it is a network of interdependencies rather than just a collection of countries.
We want to increase trust and foster teamwork, he said.

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