Meet Haleigh Bryant Parents Terry And Trisha Bryant- Family Tree

Terry and Trisha Bryant are Haleigh’s folks. The American imaginative gymnastic specialist was born on December 20, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tumbler Haleigh Bryant started planning for rivalry at an early age, having partaken in the game since she was four years of age.

Haleigh Bryant took part in the U.S. Tumbling Titles in 2021 and brought back home the Lesser division’s overall title.

She additionally completed second in the vault and lopsided bars rivalries, while she won the crowns in the floor exercise and adjusting shaft occasions.

Full name Haleigh Alexandra Bryant
Born December 20, 2001 (age 21)
Atlanta, Georgia
Hometown Cornelius, North Carolina
Residence Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Discipline Women’s artistic gymnastics
Level NCAA
Club Everest
College team LSU Tigers (2021–24)
Head coach(es) Jay Clark

Haleigh Bryant is a secondary school understudy who contends in vaulting and likes to spend time with her loved ones.

An additional 3 About The American Craftsman Gymnastic specialist
Presenting Haleigh Bryant’s Folks: Trisha Bryant and Terry Bryant
Terry and Trisha Bryant are the guardians of Haleigh Bryant. Haleigh expressed that since the beginning, her folks had energized their little girl’s aerobatic calling.

Haleigh has recognized that her folks upheld her all through her vaulting vocation and aided her contact her goals.

They have been seen supporting her from the stands. Haleigh’s dad, Terry Bryant, is a previous university football player and mentor.

Subsequent to playing football at the College of North Carolina in House of prayer Slope, he proceeded to show the game at various North Carolina secondary schools.

Trisha Bryant, Haleigh’s mom, used to be a dance colleague and team promoter.

Her folks have effectively taken part in her tumbling preparing and upheld her contests. She has likewise shown dance and aerobatic.

Find out about Haleigh Bryant’s genealogical record
Beside her folks and brother, not much is been aware of Haleigh Bryant’s genealogical record.

Haleigh Bryant is American and appears to be of White or Caucasian family with regards to race and ethnicity.

In the country’s southeast, in the town of Cornelius, North Carolina, Haleigh was raised.

Regardless of whether her family’s ancestry and genealogy are not notable, clearly they have impacted her life.

She has frequently referenced how her family has upheld her and given her credit for aiding her contact her brandishing targets.

Extra About The American Craftsman Gymnastic specialist
Haleigh Bryant is viewed as a rising star in the game of vaulting and an individual from the US ladies’ public group.

To the extent that imaginative vaulting go, Bryant is a rising star. She is eminent for her solid tumbling and testing adjusting pillar procedures.

Haleigh Bryant is presently known as a gifted youthful tumbler and a potential future contender for the U.S. Olympic crew thanks to her achievements in the game.

She was a youthful tumbler who gained a ton of headway and is viewed as truly outstanding in the Lesser level.

She likewise completed second in the vault and lopsided bars contests, while she won the crowns in the floor exercise and adjusting shaft occasions.

Haleigh was chosen for the US ladies’ public vaulting crew because of her extraordinary presentation at the Titles.

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