Meet Jon Trimmer’s Parents

Sir Jon Trimmer‘s folks, the people behind the example of overcoming adversity of the ballet performer, right from his young age to his top in the realm of expressive dance.

The prestigious New Zealand ballet performer was molded by his enthusiasm for expressive dance as well as by the affection and backing he had from his folks. Meet these excellent people.

Born on September 18, 1939, in Petone, New Zealand, Jon Trimmer has transformed the universe of expressive dance moving and performing expressions at large.

First experience with the universe of dance came at an early age, as he signed up for his sister’s expressive dance school at twelve.

Born Jon Charles Trimmer

18 September 1939

Petone, New Zealand

Died 26 October 2023 (aged 84)
  • Sadler’s Wells
  • Royal New Zealand Ballet

Jacqui Oswald

(m. 1963)

Jon Trimmer was obviously a pleased New Zealander. He turned into a notable figure both in his local nation and abroad, because of his obligation to and expertise in the dance business.

Who are Sir Jon Trimmer’s folks?
Jon Trimmer’s folks were Charles Trimmer (father) and Mabel Trimmer (mother). Charles was a woodworker, while Mabel was a homemaker, very much like most ladies of her time. They generally resided in Petone, where Jon was born along with his other three kin, Joan, Jill, and Jean.

His dad
Jon’s dad is Charles Trimmer, who took on carpentry to address the issues of his better half and youngsters. We know not much data about him.

His mom
Trimmer’s mom is Mabel Trimmer, who was a homemaker similarly as numerous ladies of her time were. She devoted her regard for her home and the childhood of her family, particularly her kids.

Does Jon Trimmer have kin?
Indeed, Jon Trimmer has three different kin, specifically Joan, Jean, and Jill. They have upheld Jon’s enthusiasm and commitment to expressive dance, making him one of the most celebrated ballet performers in New Zealand and the world past.

Jon enjoyed his last minutes in bed with his sister, who said her brother “died cheerfully,” in spite of the aggravation.

“I need to cry, yet I’m additionally feeling better that he will not experience any longer. He didn’t once gripe,” she said.

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