Police in Alabama tase a band instructor for refusing to end a postgame performance: video

Alabama high school band teacher tased by police after refusing to wrap up postgame performance: video

According to police, a band director in Birmingham was tased when he insisted on continuing his band’s post-football game performance.

Johnny Mims, the band’s director, was accused of unruly behavior, physical harassment, and resisting arrest. The incident happened following Minor High School and P.D. Jackson-Olin High School’s game on Thursday.

Some marching bands have a habit of playing during the “fifth quarter,” and the Minor High School band was doing just that. 18 minutes after the game concluded, officers can be seen approaching the band in bodycam footage from the Birmingham Police Department.

When the cops arrived and asked the band to stop, they were still playing loudly and cheering. An office was heard telling a band instructor, “It’s time to go.” “Y’all need to leave and descend.”

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Officers switched their focus to Mims, who repeatedly yelled at them to “get out of [his] face” while they did so.

Before I call the superintendent, load them up, the female cop instructed Mims. Despite the officers’ requests, the conductor nonetheless led the band enthusiastically.

When the field lights were turned off, chaos resulted, causing students to yell. Police made an attempt to apprehend Mims when the band abruptly ceased performing. The band director was charged with swinging at another officer by an officer, which Mims denied.

Mims was briefly tased by an officer when he was told to place his bands behind his back. Mims complied with the police’ orders after being tased and allowed them to handcuff him.

The incident is being aggressively looked into by the Birmingham Police Department. Authorities made no additional statements.

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