Rahul Gandhi demands that the women’s reservation bill be implemented right away.

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, asked on Friday that the government quickly execute the women’s reservation bill and said that in order to divert attention from the call for a caste census, the government did not want to do so.
A day after the women’s reservation bill was approved by Parliament, Gandhi said at a news conference that while it was a positive thing, it included two “footnotes” that dealt with the census and delimitation.

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Delimitation and the census, according to the Congress, were “poor excuses” for delaying the implementation of the women’s quota. They also said that the entire exercise was done to raise an election issue without actually implementing it.
The law was also referred to as a “teasing illusion” by the opposition party.
The Rajya Sabha unanimously approved the measure on Thursday, giving it the parliamentary seal of approval. The bill will reserve one-third of the seats in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies for women.

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