Rozgar Mela | PM Modi: “Government Policy Is To Open New Doors For Girls”

NEW DELHI, Sept. 26: According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is the government’s objective to open new opportunities for girls. He claimed that the approval of the women’s reservation law in the new Parliament building has hailed a new future for the nation.
After distributing appointment letters virtually to nearly 51,000 new employees across various government ministries, Modi spoke at a Rozgar Mela and emphasized the growing role that technology is playing in government.
He informed the new staff that the use of technology in government initiatives had reduced corruption and complexity while increasing comfort and confidence.

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He urged them to put the needs of residents first while implementing technology to enhance government, pointing out its applications in areas like digital lockers, train ticketing, and direct benefit payments to recipients of various programs.
The prime minister claimed that his administration operates under a new philosophy that centers on ongoing oversight, mission-mode execution, and widespread engagement in government initiatives with the goal of completely saturating the target population.

He emphasized that the newly passed women’s reservation measure will significantly increase the country’s 50% population and that this is a period of historic decisions and accomplishments for the nation.
He noted that many of these new employees were not even born when the proposal was first proposed, but the matter, which had been pending for 30 years, was approved by unprecedented numbers in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
He noted that the presence of girls is growing in fields such as sports and space, saying that the dreams of the new India are tremendous. He stated that they are currently being commissioned into the military.

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