Sir Jon Trimmer’s Children: Does Sir John Trimmer have Children?

Sir Jon Trimmer‘s Youngsters
The recognized ballet performer, Sir Jon Trimmer, otherwise called ‘Jonty’ has kids. Get to know the offspring of Sir Jon Trimmer, the ballet artist who died on October 26, 2023.

Your inquiry, “Does Sir Jon Trimmer have kids”, is replied here. Jon Trimmer met her perfect partner, Jacqui Oswald, presently Jacqui Trimmer, at his artful dance preparing school. They had youngsters then, at that point.

Sir Jon Trimmer otherwise called Jonty died at 84, his sister reported to RNZ on the morning of October 26, 2023.

Born Jon Charles Trimmer

18 September 1939

Petone, New Zealand

Died 26 October 2023 (aged 84)
  • Sadler’s Wells
  • Royal New Zealand Ballet

Jacqui Oswald

(m. 1963)

Jon Trimmer was a ballet artist from New Zealand. Prior to leaving New Zealand to seek after his studies and vocation in the Unified Realm, he performed with the New Zealand Artful dance Organization in 1958 and 1959.

Throughout the long term, he and his better half, ballet artist Jacqui Trimmer, acted in the Australian and Imperial Danish Ballet productions too and got back to New Zealand to move.

Who are Sir Jon Trimmer’s youngsters?
Along with his better half, Jacqui Trimmer, Jon Trimmer had two kids. Sara and Daniel are their names. Daniel is a Wellington-based performer and lyricist. Sara is a Melbourne-based artist and choreographer.

Jon tragically died of disease on October 26, 2023. Before his demise, he had gotten various honors for a fruitful vocation.

His exhibition in Fireraiser procured him a 1986 Best Entertainer nomination.For his commitments to expressive dance, he was presented with various honors and grants, including the 1991 Assortment Specialists Club of New Zealand Look of Honor, the 1999 Knight Buddy of the New Zealand Request of Legitimacy (KNZM), the 1974 Individual from the Request for the English Domain (MBE), and the 2009 Wellingtonian of the Year grant.

He made highlights in various films and TV series, including Fireraiser, The Accounts of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Closet, The Master of the Rings set of three, and The Hobbit set of three.

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