Start of the 4-Day Ladakh Festival in Leh

Leh, September 21: The annual Ladakh festival, a four-day extravaganza honoring the distinctiveness of the Union Territory, got underway here on Thursday, according to officials.
The event was officially launched at Leh’s historic Polo Ground by Lt. Governor Brigadier General (Ret.) B D Mishra in the presence of Tashi Gyalson, Chairman and Chief Executive Councilor of LAHDC Leh.
The festival features a wide range of activities and events, including handicraft and handloom shows, food booths, exhibitions of old photographs, screenings of movies and documentaries, traditional archery, polo games, horseback riding, musical performances, and mask dances, according to the organizers.

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They claimed that a parade of diverse and rich cultural practices from various regions of Ladakh started in Karzoo and culminated at Polo Ground after passing by other traditionally and historically significant locations.
The inauguration ceremony included breathtaking cultural and musical performances by several cultural groups as well as a breathtaking paragliding display, according to the officials.

Mishra expressed his excitement at the amazing performances by many cultural groups and claimed that Ladakh is a popular tourist destination because to its distinctive flora, fauna, geographical features, and rich cultural legacy.
To commemorate UT Ladakh Foundation Day on October 31, boy and female troupes from Ladakh will be sent to other states and Union Territories.
According to him, the troupes will also serve as a national outreach program for Ladakh tourism.

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Gyalson emphasized the goal of organizing the Ladakh festival as a way to give tourists who are visiting on a time schedule and can’t see all of Ladakh a single platform to showcase the rich cultural diversity of Ladakh in terms of its attire, cuisine, dances, crafts, literature, and sports.

He emphasized the necessity for the tourism department and all relevant stakeholders to launch a proactive and aggressive campaign to promote the Ladakh festival in order to draw large crowds of tourists and spectators.
He offered the idea of turning September into a festival-filled month called “The Carnival of Ladakh,” with a variety of events celebrated throughout the month, such as the Ladakh Marathon, Ladakh Festival, and The Himalayan Film Festival, all aimed at drawing tourists.

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